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About Land Trust Service Corporation

In choosing a trustee for your property you should be sure that it is someone both knowledgeable about land trusts and trustworthy.


Land Trust Service Corporation was formed by the author of the book, Land Trusts in Florida in 1998 because readers of the book found that bank trustee fees were too high, and few attorneys wanted to be involved with them. A law had been recently revised which made it possible for companies that were not banks to become trustees of real estate, so this offered the opportunity to offer the service at a reasonable fee.

Mark Warda is the founder and president of Land Trust Service Corporation. He has a B. A. and a J. D. from the University of Illinois and has studied at the University of Oxford, England and in Barcelona and Cologne. He has taught numerous courses on various aspects of real estate law and has lectured on land trusts to the Continuing Education Division of the Florida Bar. He is the author of Land Trusts in Florida which is in its tenth edition and Land Trusts for Privacy & Profit which explains how to use land trusts in all 50 states (Third edition 2009.) He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1978 and worked for Chicago Title Insurance Company before opening a private law practice specializing in real estate, land trusts, and business law. In 1983 he started a publishing company to provide legal advice at alower cost than personal consultations. 

He is a member of the Florida Bar and has served on the Florida Bar's Land Trust Committee, which drafted the Florida Land Trust Act, and was vice-chairman of the Land Trust Committee of the American Bar Association.


He personally served as trustee for clients of his law practice, but at one point discovered that his credit report listed the mortgages of 65 of the properties of which he was trustee. So when the readers of his land trust book asked for trustee services, he decided to incorporate a trust company, rather than personally act as trustee. This would also allow for continuity if a time comes when he is unable to serve.

Alexandra Schiller-Warda is the vice-president of Land Trust Service Corporation and wife of Mark Warda. She has a law degree from the University of Konstanz, Germany and is a German lawyer. She also studied at the University of Oxford, England and in Malaga, Spain. She has worked with Mark since coming to Florida in 2002 and is familiar with all aspects of the Florida land trust.

Land Trust Service Corporation has no interest in becoming involved in illegal transactions, money laundering or tax evasion schemes. Florida law provides over thirty legal benefits to property owners who use land trusts. The sole purpose of Land Trust Service Corporation is to make those legal benefits available to clients at a reasonable fee.

At present the company is only offering to serve as trustee for Florida properties for American and foreign beneficiaries. However see Land Trusts in Other States under the LAND TRUSTS menu above.

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