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Land Trusts in Other States

Land trusts can be used in most states. However, depending on state law, they may need to be set up differently than the standard land trust as used in Florida or Illinois.


We had two legal interns spend many months checking the laws of all fifty states for any references to land trusts. The summary of their work along with forms and instructions on using land trusts in other states are included in our book, Land Trusts for Privacy & Profit published by Galt Press, now in its third edition.


It is available for $39.95 for the book alone, or if you would also like the forms on a CD, $54.95 for both plus shipping. Postage is $6.65 for Priority Mail (2-3 days) or $4.22 for Media Mail (5-10 days). If shipped to Florida we must collect sales tax.


An order form is available by clicking here.


Land Trust Service Corporation does not act as trustee for properties in other states, but we could set up a separate Florida LLC which would be owned by you which would act as your trustee without your name in the public records. Email us for more information.


More information is available by clicking here.

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