Florida Landlords' Rights and Strategies


In this successor volume to his 1983 -2005 book Landlords Rights & Duties in Florida, attorney/investor Mark Warda adds practical advice on successful landlording, including asset protection techniques, tax tips and other tricks he has learned in the trenches. Includes Florida Statutes, flow charts, and 66 ready-to-use forms, and 37 years experience and research! In these days of over-regulation and share-the-wealth policies, it s important for landlords to know their legal rights and how to protect them. It covers every aspect of being a landlord, including: Making a plan for success Finding the right property Protecting your assets Finding the right tenants Knowing the rules Ending a tenancy Evicting a tenant After a tenancy Tax rules & loopholes ... and much more This book includes 67 useful forms, including: Tenant application Lease addendums Approved eviction forms Tenant credit check approval Amendment forms Advanced motion forms Leases and rental agreement Required notices Court stipulation Numerous management forms Bad check form Final Judgments.


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