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Land Trust Services

Land Trust Service Corporation offers land trust trustee services. This means that for a fee we will serve as trustee of your Florida real property, just as any bank, trust company, or attorney would. There is a fee for setting up a new trust for a client, and an annual fee to serve as your trustee.


To meet the different needs of our clients we offer three types of land trust setup services.


An Extra-Service Land Trust is $750. This is for people who need their trust documents the same day, need call-backs in the evening or on weekends, or have special issues with their trust that require extra time. It includes everything below.


A Full Service Standard Land Trust is $500. This includes up to an hour of time with us on the phone or in our office, or us calling title companies or lenders to smooth out the transaction when necessary. It includes preparing the Land Trust Agreement, Direction to Trustee, and the Deed to Trustee where necessary. If you have never done a land trust or have questions about the setup and operation of the trust, you would be best served by this package.


A Basic Land Trust is $400. This includes the same documentation but is for persons who do not need any telephone time with us. You send us the setup forms and we send you the trust and send the closing agent the necessary instructions and documentation. If you have used land trusts before and do not need to use our time on the phone, this package would cover your needs. We would answer simple questions by email for free. 


All of the above land trust setup fees include the first year annual fee. On each yearly anniversary of the trust you will be billed a $100 annual fee for the next year or fraction thereof. After the first trust you will get a discount on each future trust setup fees with us.


We have our own land trust form which we prefer to use. If you already have a land trust and you wish to have us as your successor trustee, it is usually more work to review your trust and prepare an amendment to match our terms, than to just make a new trust for you, so it is not cheaper to use your existing trust.


As trustee, we want to maintain a neutral position in land trust transactions, so we do not prepare loan documents, or agreements between beneficiaries. We can explain all of the creative ways that you can use a land trust to your advantage, but we don’t want to be in a position between two parties who are fighting. We can recommend an attorney in some situations.


If you do not understand land trusts you should read the book Land Trusts in Florida. We sometimes give one-day seminars based on this book. Check with us for dates.


If you have questions about how a land trusts works and prefer a personal consultation this can be arranged for $100 per half-hour.

For Land Trust Setup forms go to the SETUP FORMS link in the top menu.

Limited Liability Company Services

We also offer LLC setup services. Here is a quick summary. For more details, see our 5 page pdf LLC setup forms at the SETUP FORMS link above.

Basic LLC setup $300. We will setup a basic Florida limited liability company for you, obtain the company's tax number, prepare an Operating Agreement, and include other forms in a 3-ring binder. There is also a state filing fee of $125.

Management Trust $200. To keep your name off of the SunBiz web site, you can use a Management Trust as the manager of your LLC.

Registered agent annual fee $100. We have a company, L.T.S.C., LLC that can act as the registered agent of your LLC for $100 per year.

By using all of the services above, your name will not appear anywhere online for the LLC. If you set up the LLC yourself, your name will be listed as the person filing the LLC. If we set it up, it will say it was started by "Mark Warda, authorized representative."

For LLC Setup forms go to the SETUP FORMS link in the top menu.

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